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Professional House Painting Services in Clermont, FL

When your house needs painting interior or exterior painting, you may prefer a DIY. Unless you're a professional painter, DIY can cost you more time and dollars in the long run. You can still waste your time and money if you get your house painted by an unprofessional painting contractor.

At Pro Painters, we conduct our popular services and others very professionally. Our painters in Clermont, FL, are experienced in their craft to deliver a quality interior and exterior paint job. We offer both residential and commercial painting services.

So, what range of painting services do we offer in Clermont, Fl. We offer 100% satisfaction to all your painting needs. We value customer satisfaction and only accept payment when the client is happy.

Our Painting Services Offered in Clermont, FL


Exterior Painting

Exterior painting makes your property an art, a glamour, and a masterpiece to marvel at. But most importantly, it protects your property from wear and tear. The exterior surface of your property is permanently exposed to extreme and fluctuating weather conditions. Hence, it expedites wear and tear that destroys your property's walls.


Getting the exterior of your property or house painted prevents further damage caused by wear and tear. Our professional house painters provide more than just protection against damages to your property's exterior.

We can also help you with the best exterior wall paint color and design ideas. This painting service applies to a new house too. Our exterior painting uses material selected by clients. But we always strive to use eco-friendly products to get your home painted.

Interior Painting

Just like the exterior of your property, the interior surface also suffers from damages due to weather conditions and wear & tear. Having an interior painting protects your interior from damages besides adding glamour to the interior design.


The professional house painters at Pro Painters emphasize detail. But before that, we must thoroughly clean your drywall to remove all the dirt before painting. We clean drywall by pressure washing or power washing depending on the type of drywall and its state.

Commercial Painting

If your office needs painting services in Clermont, FL, Pro Painters have you covered. We have experience in commercial painting in central Florida and the surrounding areas. We understand that your commercial property's value and attraction are pegged on its painting glamour as a painting contractor.


Pro Painters also understand the urgent need for an excellent paint job within the shortest time. Our experienced house painters provide exactly what you need; a great job in a timely manner. We ensure the least interruption to your business or offices in Winter Garden, Lake Mary, Orlando, Clermont, FL, and its surrounding offices.

Residential Painting

We don't only take care of offices; our services are extended to residential blocks and houses too. Roof leaks or water damage may lead to mold growth that damages the interior and exterior of your home. We deliver an amazing job at a reasonable price besides. Get in touch to have your new house or old one painted.

Get Professional Painting Services in Clermont, FL


Clermont, FL, has had a sustained increase in property value in the past decade. The surrounding waterfront parks and Florida beaches add value to commercial and residential properties in the area. Do not devalue your property by engaging with

unprofessional painting contractors.

Get the best and qualified Clermont painters to prop up your value. We pride ourselves in our services because we stand out from your typical painter based on three aspects.

1)Excellent Customer Satisfaction.


You only pay after the job is done. Our house painters are true professionals that understand you must be completely satisfied with the paint job done. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and only accept payment when you're happy with our services.

2) Provide Excellent Workmanship

Our house painters team are trained and experienced hence capable of delivering an outstanding job. No matter the size of your project, our competent team can do the job quickly and beautifully. We insist on top-quality paints and materials to get you the premium finishing you desire.

3)Adhere to project deadlines

It isn't the best job you don't meet the client's deadline. We're prompt and finish small projects within hours to days, depending on the size, complexity, and weather conditions. Weather conditions strictly apply to exterior painting.

You may be wondering what else do we offer apart from satisfaction, quality, and meeting deadlines. Yes, we do.

Painting Services for Property & Homeowners in Clermont, FL

Below are some of the additional services we offer on a need basis.

Drywall Repair

Your drywall may be damaged from the storm, water damage (roof leaks, burst pipes), or mold damages. As a result, it may be full of cracks or bulges.


You can't paint damaged drywall; it must be repaired first. Pro Paint repairs drywalls and thoroughly cleans them up either by pressure washing or power washing before we paint them.

Ceiling Repair


Whether popcorn ceiling or a conventional one, you shouldn't paint a damaged ceiling before repairing it. Pro Painters have experts that can take care of damaged ceilings, including stucco repair and replacement.


We do new floor installation, repair, and maintenance of all types of floors. If you're planning a home improvement and a floor remodel, contact Pro Painters to bring your ideal floor to reality.

Why Choose Pro Painters for your painting needs in Clermont, FL

Pro Painters offers professional painting services you can trust in Clermont, FL, and surrounding areas. We offer commercial and residential services covering interior and exterior painting. Other services offered include flooring, drywall & ceiling repairs, amongst others.

We outperform others in the industry because we strictly use premium quality paints, work with your budget & schedule, and have exceptional house painters. Hence we can offer 100% customer satisfaction, quality workmanship and adhere to project deadlines.

Get in touch for a free estimate and learn more about our painting services in Clermont, FL.

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