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7 Things That Can Go Wrong When Painting Your House in Clermont

There is no better way to breathe new life into the entire home in Clermont, Fl, than a fresh coat of paint. Whether it's an exterior or interior painting project, it is one of the easiest and cheapest home makeovers out there. You don't need to knock down walls or purchase pricy equipment. But there is more to home or business painting than what you see on HGTV. Many homeowners assume that it's easy enough only to start grumbling when things go wrong. So consider the following seven things that could go wrong when you decide to go the DIY route rather than hire a professional house painter in Clermont, Fl.

Failure to Prep the Surface

The secret to successful residential and commercial painting is that most work is done before the topcoat is applied. Prep work is crucial because paint cannot adhere to unprepared surfaces. It will peel, flake, bubble up, and crack. Worse, the paintwork won't last as long as it should. You will have wasted your time and money.

A professional painter in Clermont, Florida, understands the importance of preparation work and that it has to be done right. The crucial steps in preparing a surface for the perfect job include protecting items and surfaces, pressure washing and drying dirty walls, gutter cleaning, scraping off loose and peeling paint, and caulking. If dealing with a smooth surface, you may have to sand down rough exposed wood and any remaining paint to ensure a high-quality paint job.

Professional house painters also have to prime the surface to improve the adhesion of the paint. Because walls are made of different materials, the right primer for interior and exterior painting jobs will vary.

Hiring professional house painters in Clermont, Florida, who can handle each step of the prep process with ease will ensure an excellent exterior paint job that will last for many years.

Underestimating the Amount of Paint Needed

Many homeowners in Clermont, FL, underestimate the amount of paint they need for a room or the home exterior. They often end up running back and forth from the store to restock, which wastes a lot of time. You may end up getting the wrong color, and when you do, there is no guarantee of a uniform hue. Buying the right amount of paint from the beginning allows you to box the paint and get a nice, even tone.

But how do you know how much paint is needed for excellent work?

You need to calculate the room's square footage to determine how much paint you need. A gallon of paint covers about 350 square feet. The number of gallons increases if painting drywall or walls that are unfinished. It's best to assume that this home project will require two coats of paint.

Consider avoiding the hassle of all of these calculations by enlisting the help of a professional painting service in Clermont, FL.

Using the Wrong Tools for Your Painting Project

One of the biggest mistakes rookie painters in Clermont, FL, is overestimating their abilities. Sometimes this means taking on more than you can handle. Other times it means having all the tools of a pro painter without the slightest clue how to use them.

This brings us to the brush. Synthetic brushes work best with water-based latex paints, while natural-bristle brushes are best for oil-based paints. Using a natural-bristle brush to apply water-based latex paint will make it difficult to spread the paint.

Still, on the topic of house painting tools, don't attempt to use a sprayer unless you know how it works. While incredibly efficient and foolproof, improper use of the sprayer results in uneven mists and streams on your windows, bushes, or even an unwelcome exterior painting job on your neighbor's property.

Even with lots of practice, it's best to trust a painting company in Florida to handle painting the entire house. They have access to the right equipment, and you'll be completely satisfied with the excellent job they do.

Disregarding the Impact of Weather on Exterior Painting Projects

Anyone knows not to paint in the rain, especially for an exterior paint job. Rain makes paint run, and who wants to work in the rain anyway? So you'll probably reschedule the entire project for the scorching Florida summer (90-degree F) weather when there is a stiff breeze to make it dry faster. You couldn't be more wrong.

The hot sun is almost as bad for business or house painting as the rain. If the weather is too humid, the paint won't dry well at all. Drying the paint too quickly could cause it not to set properly, leading to premature peeling and flaking.

Hiring a Florida painting company that will consider the weather and other environmental factors is one of the best ways to guarantee an exceptional job with lasting results.

Ignoring Other Features

One of the most popular suggestions BBB-accredited professional painters will tell you is that you don't have to stick to the walls. However, you must decide where you want the eye drawn to before adding color to other features in your Central Florida home.

The color of the ceiling, skirting, doors, and windows is just as important as the walls. It's why contractors offer it as part of their painting services. Defaulting to white on the trim may draw attention to things you don't want to look at. A complimentary white with an undertone of the wall color will result in a more fantastic job.

Alternatively, you can make the dining room appear bigger, and the unattractive elements disappear using the wall color. Using the same color for the walls and ceiling will create a soothing atmosphere in your Clermont, Florida, business.

Whether it's residential or commercial painting, you're making a statement. House painters with a reputation for work ethic, high customer satisfaction rates, and excellent workmanship can help you choose the right paint color.

Using the Wrong Painting Techniques

Let's say you properly prep the surface and even do a great job pressure washing the dirty exterior walls. You also have the right amount of paint and the tools for the job. You've made it - it's time to start painting, and hopefully, you'll do an awesome job.


Not if you use the wrong painting techniques. Rookie mistakes like fully dunking the brush, overbrushing, leaving the lid off the can, and not waiting long enough between coats mess up the paint job. Interior and exterior painters in Florida will know to avoid these mistakes and deliver outstanding results.

Not Seeking the Help of a Painting Contractor in Clermont, FL

Another common mistake homeowners in Clermont, FL, is failing to realize when a project is best left to painting contractors. From providing a free estimate to completing the project in a timely manner and to the customers' satisfaction, professional painting services are a good investment.

House painters in Clermont, Florida, can make the entire process easier. This is particularly true when it comes to painting technical business projects or complex spaces like built-ins, cabinets, or shelving.

When hiring a painting company, look for a house painter in your service area who has verified reviews and does quality work at an affordable price. Check their overall rating on review sites like Google, Yelp, and Better Business Bureau. Be sure to ask about some of their popular services and what's included. Don't forget to compare quotes from at least three painting services in Clermont, FL, before making a final decision.

Have a Painting Job? Contact Pro Painters to Discuss Your Painting Needs

Every homeowner wants to save money on their project and get flawless results. But when it comes to getting your house or business painted, you need an experienced painting contractor who can guarantee your vision. Go Pro Painters is your go-to contractor for house painting services in Clermont, Fl. We do an outstanding job of painting your home or business with care, attention to detail, and at a fair price. Contact us today at 407-902-8685 to get a free estimate.



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