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House Painting FAQs

Your home's appearance says a great deal about its occupants, and most homeowners like to make a great impression about it. When someone drives by a house, the curb appeal affects its value and how you can quickly sell it. To achieve a new sleek look, you can do this by giving your house a new paint job.

A good paint job has other benefits, such as protecting your home from potential bad weather conditions and protecting the wood and other materials used to make the house. For these reasons, a homeowner mustn't choose a painting contractor who will do a fine painting job but has mastered his painting work.

FAQs about a residential paint job


Do you have any customers who can verify the quality of your work?

A good painting contractor should provide a list of painting projects they have worked on before. This allows you to interact with the homeowners that the contractor has worked with before and gauge their experience. Be very skeptical if very few homeowners are willing to share their painting project experience with the contractor.

How will my house be prepared for interior and exterior painting?


The prep work before painting is a crucial process, and the contractor should provide a concrete answer. It would be best if you prepared before beginning the painting job properly. Request the contractor to prepare the whole painting process in writing and sign it for accountability. Bad spots and holes must be prepared by removing dirt. Any Surface that had been previously painted should be scrapped to remove as much old paint as possible before you start painting. Inquire how many painting staff will be available in the preparation process as well as the entire project. This is to ensure that the project is completed on time.

Are the painting company employees insured?


Suppose a team member is injured while on your property; you may be required to cover their medical expenses if the painting company has not fully insured them. Request to see both the contractor's general liability coverage and the workman's compensation policy.

What grade of paint will be used to paint the house?


Unless the homeowner requests cost-effective measures when painting the house, contractors should use premium paint locally available at any paint store. The use of cheap paints will cause a bleed through and peeling paint after only a short time and will not withstand wear and tear as the premium paint would. It is crucial that you agree on the number of oil-based paints coats that you would like to have.

How much does exterior painting cost?


The quoted price of painting the exterior of a house varies from state to state and depends on your home's square footage. Other factors such as cost of material, the exterior paint to be used, labor, and ease of access to your home will affect the painting cost. Visit Clermont and its surrounding areas to get high gloss exterior paint at affordable prices.

How much does interior painting cost?


In the United States, the average size of a home is 2300 square feet. The average cost of interior painting is $2-$5 per square foot. The average total cost will be $6900, depending on the interior paint used. However, this cost can vary based on many factors, such as the complexity of work, any additional prep and carpentry work required, and whether one coat or two coats of paint are required.

What is the right paint color to use?


There are numerous ways to determine the appropriate paint colors for your house. Besides checking online, you can check the surrounding homes in your neighborhood. You can also seek professional advice from Pro Painters, who will offer you color consultation with a designer at no cost if you contact them for the job. It is advisable to seek professional advice to choose the right color for your valuable assets. Feel free to talk to us about your painting needs.

Some of the best paint brands to use are Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Kelly Moore brands.

How do I know if I have lead paint?


Professional painters can easily check for lead paint by the use of a 3M lead cheek swab. After rubbing it on the paint surface, the swab turns red if the paint has lead.

Can I pressure wash my house after painting?


We recommend washing the house yearly and bi-yearly after applying paint film. It would not be necessary to pressure the house immediately after painting.

How often should I paint my house?


There is no solid answer to this. Experts, however, recommend painting your house after every five to ten years.

While there are many painting services for your painting project in Clermont, hiring a local painting crew like Pro Painters is advisable. Local painters already have a reputation and can do a professional job at a reasonable price. Before accepting a bid, contact at least three companies and evaluate their offer. For a sure bet when it comes to finding the best contractors in Florida, reach out to Pro Painters who will answer all your painting frequently asked questions and get you a fully licensed painter in san Francisco.

Want to Interior or Exterior Painting Services? Get in Touch with Experts

Pro Painters has been offering professional painting services to homeowners and property owners in Florida since 2018. We are known for our quality services, efficiency, and ability to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Every painting job is done to the highest level and within your schedule and budget. We are careful not to interfere with your day-to-day practices. We accept cash, credit cards, and checks as a mode of payment. Feel free to contact our phone number or fill the online form to book an appointment with your local painting professional.

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