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House Painting in Clermont, Florida

At Pro Painters, we're full-service painting contractors in Clermont, Florida. We have extensive experience in providing professional and quality work in residential or house painting. 

We work hard to provide excellent workmanship in our exterior and interior painting services for residential and commercial properties. Our professional painters are highly trained, respectful, and experienced in painting projects of all scopes and sizes.

Our goal has always been to carry out an exceptional job in a timely manner and ensure our client is completely satisfied with our custom painting service.

Our customer service is equally great, and we will offer you a free estimate plus five years warranty on our labor which means you can call us anytime within this period to fix any painting issue that we will have performed.

More About Us

Over the years, I've learned that great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which explains our rigorous hiring process. Hi - my name is Delwin and I am the owner of Pro Painters. I take pride in my work and every customer is important to me. I believe that my team is the best in the business, and I have complete and total confidence that you will be satisfied with our services.

We finish each project on schedule and with the highest level of quality. With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates, and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed expectations.



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Residential/House Painting Services In Clermont, FL


We have a specific painting procedure or process that we follow to give our customers the best home painting service professionally. Our experienced team will also highlight areas that need repairs to execute your desired design and vision.

STEP 1: Free Painting Consultation

We will provide you with a free painting consultation that will involve assessing your house, advising you on what it requires, and giving you an estimate.

STEP 2: Detailed Quote

We will give you a comprehensive quote that clearly shows the scope of the job and its requirements in detail and then indicating a reasonable price.

STEP 3: Color Consultation

We will guide and help you select a color option and provide any popular suggestions that you might like. We will use our samples portal because this can sometimes be a difficult task to do independently.  


STEP 4: Protect Your Home

The next step is to protect your house by covering or masking off the areas or spaces where the painting is not required. Our professional painters in Clermont, FL, will achieve this by laying plastic and drop cloths over the furniture and floors within the area where we want to paint.

STEP 5: Prepare The Surfaces

Our house painters will prepare the surfaces before doing any painting job by smoothening them for excellent paint adhesion. This may include:

  • Repairing or replacing damaged drywall

  • Pressure washing

  • Priming any bare surface

  • Sanding and taping

  • Caulking


STEP 6: Painting

Our professional house painters will now apply quality paint as agreed on the contract. The paint and the surface space will dictate the time we will take to complete the paint job.

However, our professional house painters in Clermont, FL, will make sure to do an amazing job efficiently and quickly. 


STEP 7: Clean Up

We will then unmask the covered surfaces and areas and remove any trash to make sure your precious space now looks like a new house.


STEP 8: Final Walk-Through

We will then walk through with you to assess if we've done quality and excellent work or service. Our expert house painters will make sure you're extremely pleased so that you can proceed to make the payments. 

Home Interior Painting

Choosing our professional services for your interior painting has numerous benefits. We will help you cut costs by eliminating errors that happen mostly with DIY or sub-standard paint jobs by inexperienced painting contractors.

We will also give you peace of mind knowing that we will do an excellent job paying great attention to detail.

It is relatively easy to paint walls for interior painting in a house when you're just adding a simple coat. However, other interior surfaces might give you more difficult work, including interior doors, wainscoting, cabinets, crown molding, and others.

Common interior spaces that require painting include living rooms, entryways, ceilings, pantries, game rooms, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, cabinets, bathrooms, and more.     

We take great pride in providing a great job in interior painting while offering maximum customer satisfaction. We are experts in our field, and we are extremely knowledgeable in paint colors, styles, and quality finishes.


Home Exterior Painting 

We offer quality exterior painting services to homes with concrete, brick, siding, stucco, wood, and more. We also do exterior paint jobs or services for front doors, garage doors, pool houses, and detached garages.

We do our best to do a great job in exterior painting that will boost your house's curb appeal. Below is a glance into our external painting process:

Honest Estimating

At Pro Painter, we will send one of our representatives to work with you and give you a straightforward estimate for the whole project without any hidden charges.

Our professional representative will gather all the details about the work, provide a free estimate, schedule exterior paintwork, help you choose paint colors, and offer a timeline for when the job will be completed.  

Thorough Preparation

Preparation is equally an important part of the project to get the highest possible quality for your exterior paint job. We will start with pressure washing or power washing to get rid of any mold or mildew.

We will also scrap any loose paint, scuff, sand any glossy areas, caulk to fill gaps, and perform gutter cleaning exercises. We will do comprehensive preparation with great attention to detail.

Expert Painting And Meticulous Cleanup

We will paint your home exterior using quality paints and prime all painted surfaces to make sure the finishing is uniform. We will keep you informed throughout the process, and you're free to ask us any questions.

We will then clean up and get rid of all the materials and tools after completing the painting job.  

Commercial Painting Services In Clermont, FL


We have a wealth of experience in providing commercial painting services in Clermont, Florida. We can handle small or big painting projects.


We clearly understand what it takes to deliver quality painting work for commercial properties on time and within the budget.

Commercial Exterior Painting

We provide painting service in any type of building textures and design, including siding, bricks, concrete, wood, siding, and more. We will offer initial assessments and free estimates, excellent preparations for painting work, and quality paint jobs. We will help you attract better business with top-notch exterior painting work.

Commercial Interior Painting

We will give your business a clean and comfortable appearance. Our commercial interior painting will help you transform your spaces into a cohesive, fresh, and inviting environment for better business. Even if you prefer an old office style, our painting work will still make it possible to upgrade the overall mood of your space.    

Why Choose Pro Painter For All Your House Painting Needs

For us, customer satisfaction is not just another term-our entire philosophy is based on this phrase. We value our customers, budget, and time; they always come first in our painting work. We strive to give them the highest quality in our painting jobs.

Our house painters are experienced, committed,  and have a high level of integrity and great work ethic. These are some of the many reasons that differentiate us from other painting contractors. We will do an awesome job and gain your trust, making you consider us for all your painting needs in your future projects.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment with the best house painters in Clermont, Florida, and let us give you quality painting services that will enable you to have a brand new house again.

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