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Quality Wall and Ceiling Repair Clermont, FL


A sagging or cracked ceilings is an awful sight to see. As a homeowner, a bulging wall, sagging, cracked ceiling, or drywall damage is a painful experience. It makes your home looks terrible and undermines its structural integrity.

It is also an indication of water damage that may get worse if not addressed early enough. If your property is located within Clermont, FL, look for contractors in Clermont, FL, for help. Pro Painters are ceiling and drywall repair contractors and renovations experts offering a full range of services in Lake Mary, Orlando, Altamonte Springs, and other areas near Clermont, FL.


We only accept payments when you are 100% satisfied with our ceiling or drywall repair services. Besides, we offer professional services with utmost quality that always meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Feel free to contact us for your home improvement project, including free estimate and pricing.


Below are some of our service features that address all drywall damages and ceiling repair needs.

Our Wall & Ceiling Repair Services to Property Owners in Clermont, FL.
1)Wall Remodeling Services
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We offer both new drywall installation and repair services. You don't have to postpone your wall damage repair any longer. Whether you have a drywall that needs repair or a plaster wall that needs remodeling, we've got you covered.

We double up as plaster contractors, too; hence we can address both your drywall repair and plaster wall damages. After we repair your drywall or plaster wall, we get it sparkling clean through quality painting. However, you may decide to paint only the repair area or the whole drywall or plaster wall.

Repairing drywall can be complex to be undertaken as a DIY project. It may involve burst pipes, holes, poor installation (or fastening), rodents, and termites. Hire professionals to handle this kind of home project or repair properly and avoid a reoccurrence of the drywall damages.

Don't assume your wall damages or remodeling. Contact your local drywall or plaster contractors to help you. Pro Painters proudly and satisfactorily services Clermont, FL, and the large central Florida areas. Let Pro Painters guide you on preventing the damages from causing more interior or exterior structural damages and aesthetics.

2)Ceiling Installation & Repair
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The ceiling is the crown jewel of your walls. Hence, a beautiful interior design isn't complete without a clean and properly installed ceiling. But ceiling damages such as roof leaks can leave stains on your ceiling, making it look ugly. If your ceiling has discolored spots and stains, then you need to repair both your roof and ceiling.

There are others signs of ceiling damage, mainly caused by water damage. Sagging or unleveled ceilings can further show severe problems within your drywall. A bulging ceiling is a sign of leaking pipes that needs comprehensive repair.

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There are others signs of ceiling damage, mainly caused by water damage. Sagging or unleveled ceilings can further show severe problems within your drywall. A bulging ceiling is a sign of leaking pipes that needs comprehensive repair

Paint coat peeling is another sign of ceiling damage caused by excessive moisture. Additionally, it can lead to mold growth, further exposing you and your loved ones to health risks (like respiratory complications).

If you notice the above signs-sagging, cracks, stains, or paint peel off, then it's time to hire a contractor for ceiling repair. In some instances (like the bulging ceiling), you may need to address both water and ceiling damage. Pro Paint offers premium ceiling repair services in Clermont, FL, and the surrounding areas. We restore your ceiling to its original condition. And that is not all.

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We are keen on details. So we carefully restore knockdown texture (ceiling texture), stucco, and other fixtures on your conventional ceiling and popcorn ceiling too. We are uniquely equipped and experienced to handle any interior or exterior damages.

How to Repair Drywall & Popcorn Ceiling

Every repair is unique to the damage. For drywall, every repair varies on complexity and the damage. For instance, for bulging drywall caused by a plumbing leak, you'll have to fix the drainage line and patch or replace the drywall later.

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The choice to replace or patch depends on the extent of the damage.  On the contrary, hole damage on the drywall only needs simple patching. Our professional team at Pro Paint approaches every damage uniquely to provide quality work that complements the rest of the house.

On the other hand, ceiling repair is more complex because there are different types and fixtures. As a result, their repair and overall costs vary based on the above factors apart from the size of the house. For instance, you can apply caulking on a cracked popcorn ceiling. However, a proper paint finishing will make sure the repaired spot isn't noticeable.

You'll therefore need a full ranger service provider offering repair services and quality painting. Pro Paint goes beyond that for their clients in Clermont, Fl. After we're done repairing your drywall and ceiling, our house painters take over to give it a sparkling finish.


As a family-owned contractor in Clermont, Florida, we mix professionalism and trust. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Payment is only accepted after you're delighted with our drywall & ceiling repair. Reach out for your next home improvement project in Clermont., FL.

Why Choose Pro Painters for Your Wall & Ceiling Repair.

Cracks and damages on your property's wall or ceiling reduces its value. It also makes your property less appealing besides exposing it to more structural integrity issues.


You can take it up as a DIY project and do wall and ceiling repair yourself. But it can be costly if you fail to do the job right the first time. It will also cost you more dollars. Unless you're a professional painter, we highly recommend that you hire one to get the job done.


Getting a full-service painting company is the best shot. A full-service contractor provides you with every service needed under one roof. Pro Painters specialize in offering professional painting services alongside wall & ceiling repair services.


As ceiling and drywall contractors, we offer quality workmanship and great service across Central Florida. Our popular services are done across Winter Garden, Winter Springs, Clermont, and the rest of Central Florida.


We value customer satisfaction. We only request payment when you're delighted with the work done. Contact us now for a free estimate or pricing and great quality work for your next wall and ceiling repair in Clermont, FL.

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